Flit Bars Gypsy Rose
Dr Nick Bar x (St Aprils Moon x St Caramba)
2001 Chestnut Tobiano Mare

aka "Duchess"


"Duchess" is a beautiful mare with ample confirmation to boot.  She had her first foal in 2018 who can be seen in the pics below.  Duchess is a sweet and athletic mare and we are ecstatic to see what she produces in the years to come.  Duchess' sire is Dr Nick Bar not only qualified and competed at the National Finals Rodeo himself, but also had multiple offspring qualify to run there as well.


Dr Nick Bar is a World Champ. F. Reserve Champion, 2004 #6 Leading Barrel Futurity Sire, A Leading Barrel Derby Sire in 2002. $6,699, 2nd World Champ. F., 5th World Champ. R, fnl. World Champ. R, The Texas Barrel Race. Sire of 279 race age foals, 37 barrel money earners, with earnings of $369,343, including:

WILLY NICK BAR: World Champion Open Jr. Barrel Racer, World Champ. 4D F. Champion, AQHA World Barrels 5D Champion, PRG World Fall 1D Champion, Champion, Elite Barrel 4D F. Champion, BFA/4-Star 3D F. Champion, NBHA Cowboy Regional 1D Champion, Colinas D. Champion, Bar Nothin Barrel Bash D. Champion, Elite Barrel F. Reserve Champion. $100,289, World Champ. 4D F. AQHA World Barrels 5D, PRG World Fall 10, Champion, Elite Barrel 4D R, BFA/4-Star 3D F., NBHA Cowboy Regional 1D, Colinas D., Bar Nothin Barrel Bash D., 2nd Elite Barrel F., 3rd Elite Barrel D., 5th Ardmore Barrel 4D R, fnl. Old Fort Days 4D F.

CHRISTIE NICK BAR: Lazy E Barrel 4D F. Champion, Ardmore Barrel 4D F. Champion, Indiana Barrel 4D F. Champion, Heart Of Dixie Cl. 4D Champion, Bar Nothin Barrel Bash 4D F. Champion, San Antonio 1D D. Champion, Harlequin 1D D. Champion, Lazy E Barrel D. Champion, Lazy E Barrel 6D D. Reserve Champion. $53,019, Lazy E Barrel 4D F., Ardmore Barrel 4D F., Indiana Barrel 4D R, Heart Of Dixie Cl. 4D, Bar Nothin Barrel Bash 4D F., San Antonio 1D D., Harlequin 1D D., Lazy E Barrel D., 2nd Lazy E Barrel 6D D,, 3rd Lazy E 6D D., Harlequin 4D R, Elite Barrel 4D F., 4th World Champ. D., Speedhorse Gold & Silver Barrel R, 5th San Antonio 4D R, D & G Super Show D., fnl. World Champ. 7D R, NBHA Cowboy Reg. 10.

CASEY FLIT BAR 126: World Champ. F. Champion, Okla. Ltd. Barrel 5D D. Champion, South Barrel F. Champion, Pioneer 5D D. Champion, Ardmore 5D D. Champion, Circle M Trailers Blow Out D. Reserve Champion, Little Rock 3D D. Reserve Champion, Mid South 5D D. Reserve Champion. $48,560, World Champ. F., Okla. 2nd Circle M Trailers Blow Out D., Little Rock 50 D., Mid South 50 D., 3rd Ardmore R, Las Colinas R. 4th World Champ. 5D D., Las Colinas 1D., , 5th Work) Champ. 4D F., QHN/Natl. Roper 2D., Ardmore 5D D. (twice), San Antonio 5D D., fnl. World Champ. 5D D., Josey World Champ. Jr. Youth, W. Tx. 4D R, Old Fort Days 5D Mat., Bar Nothin Barrel Bash 50 D., etc.

DJ NICK BAR: Harlequin 4D F. Champion, Ardmore 4D F. Reserve Champion, South Plains 1D F. Reserve Champion. $60,000+, Harlequin 40 R, Ardmore 4D F., South Plains 10 R, 3rd Old Fort Days 4D F., AW4D/Lonestar Region 1D, fnl. World Champ. 4D F., World Champ. 10 D., Lazy E 4D F., Las Colinas 40 F.

WILLIAM HEY BUDDY: Speedhorse Gold Cup D. Champion, NBHA Kansas 1D Champion, American West 70 Champion, Western Way 2D Reserve Champion, American West D. Reserve Champion, Bar Nothin Barrel Bash 2D F. Reserve Champion, D & G Super Show 3D F. Reserve Champion. $29,228, Speedhorse Gold Cup D., NBHA Kansas 1D, American West 70, 2nd Western Way 2D, American West D., Bar Nothin Barrel Bash 2D F., D & G Super Show 3D R, 3rd World Champ. 7D, NBHA Kansas 50, D & G Super Show 2D, NBHA Heartland D., NBHA SS Memphis 3D, EBFA 3D D., Sam's Town-Shootout 10, etc.

SCRATCHY NICK BAR: Ardmore F. Champion, Caprock F. Champion, ANHA Shootout 2D Champion, Speedhorse Silver Cup D. Reserve Champion. $50,000+, Ardmore F., Caprock F., ANHA Shootout 20, 2nd Speedhorse Silver Cup D., 3rd Caprock SO F., NBHA Holiday Cl. 20, 4th Speedhorse Silver Cup D., San Antonio 1D, fnl. Speedhorse Silver Cup R, Lazy E F., Old Fort Days R, Harlequin F., Cajun Cl., NBHA Holiday Cl., etc.

DOCTOR SIX MOONS: EBFA 3D FMBRA F. Champion, EBFA Dobb's Ford F. Reserve Champion. $10,166, EBFA 3D F./IBRA R, 2nd EBFA Dobb's Ford F., 3rd EBFA Good Times F., 4th Fortune 5 R, 5th Fortune 5 June F.


Duchess dam, St Aprils Moon, is a daughter of St Caramba.  She earned 15 APHA points in barrel racing and has had several nice foals, including Perks Painted Lady, by Dash for Perks.  Perks Painted Lady son, Casino Perks, won the APHA PBRIP sweepstakes with Mark Bugni in 2017.  She also had a nice daughter by Chasin Firewater who is running in the 1D in tough Texas competition.


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