The following foals will be available in 2017. They can be bought in utero and held with a deposit. We will be filling out this table with information as the foals are born. Prices are subject to change as soon as foals are on the ground.
Note:  Additional details on Sire/Dam can be accessed by clicking name links below.
Est Date Due Sire Dam Color Gender Price En Utero Name
4/17 Special Contender  Millennium Bug (Shawne Bug)     Reserved  
3/17 Judge Cash Lady Shawne (Shawne Bug)     TBD  
5/17 Cherokee Bully Go Money Go ( My Indian Money)     Reserved  
4/17 Dash Ta Magnolia Easy Peppy Jetta (Marthas Six Moons) Bay Tobiano Filly $5500  
3/17 Dash Ta Magnolia SS Firewater Philia (Fire Water Flit) Sorrel Filly $4500  
5/17 Dash of Tobiano Oklahome Cash Jet (Dos Poruno) Bay Tobiano Homoz Filly $5500  
7/17 Dash Ta Magnolia Oklahoma Ladyrobin (Oklahoma Fuel) Bay Filly $4500  
4/17 Dash of Tobiano Shake M Baby Shake M (Royal Shake Em) Grey Tobiano Filly $4500